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Putting this here because I can't seem to put it in the devID box. I love meeting people from different countries. Just don't count on me being able to speak your language. ^^;



Purple Haze by ErraticInk

I think you did a decent job here. I like the coloring on this and how the shading turns everything purple. That dynamic style of color...

by Neon-Nika88

Very beautiful job you did here. It's always good to see ocs like this. Fakemon are relatively new to me, and apparently the most popul...


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Kino 2017 by JK-Kino
Kino 2017
Made a slight update to his design. You like the freckles?

Full Name: Kino Juan Pablo Moreles 
Age: Older than Anina, younger than ZeeJay, about the same age as Gus.
Height: 2' 10"
Weight: 70 lbs.
Race: Toad
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Blood Type: O
Theme Color: Red

Personality: He's somewhat friendly, but he's not afraid to speak his mind, so he may come off as a bit of a jerk sometimes.

Talents: He's not nearly as powerful as your average Sonic recolor, but growing up in the rough streets of Neon Land has taught him plenty on how to deal with trouble, usually by avoiding it. Tyrone was also there to show him the ropes. Despite this, he'd rather be playing video games at his favorite arcade than out beating up bad guys. He can move fast, but he'll lose his breath if he tries to go too far. He's also able to use power-ups like Mario can. 

Friends: Tyrone O. Saurus, Augustus "Gus" Grzybekski, and Super Anina. Also has a robot cat named Famigear.

Family: Rosa and Matilda Moreles (parents), ZeeJay Moreles (sister)

Here are all the previous versions of Kino's profile, for comparison.
The other day I read online about a social experiment where whenever someone gives a compliment, say "you look cute," or "your eyes are gorgeous," the other person says "I know," or something along those lines. Almost every time the first guy gets angry or offended, saying the other person is stuck up or full of themselves.

Why do we act like this? Why do we tell people they're beautiful then give them crap when they become aware of their beauty? Is it not okay to feel good about yourself?
I want a hat that says "MAKE AMERICA GREAT... FOR ONCE."…

Watch this this and tell me it doesn't remind you of anyone!
Old OC I don't use anymore by JK-Kino
Old OC I don't use anymore
Here's a nice blast from the past. Meet Mac Mason, an old Sonic OC I came up with back in my MFZ days. This was before Sonic Riders, so avian Mobians were a rarity at the time. Mac was a grumpy cardinal, the original Angry Bird! Ability-wise, he was meant to be a jack-of-all-trades. He can run, but not as fast as Sonic. He is strong, but not as strong as Knuckles. He is smart, but not like Tails. I also experimented with giving him fire magic later in his life. I even considered using him in Kino's stories as an antagonist, but I guess it didn't work out. 

Mac is currently sitting on the shelf until I can find another use for him, or until I can find someone interested in adopting him, possibly. I don't think I have the heart to completely retire Mac.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my humble profile. I'm just a normal guy who draws for fun, not fame or fortune. As you can see, I draw fan art, mostly Nintendo-related, and even made up a few OCs.
I'm also dabbling in photography. I wouldn't call myself an actual photographer because that would imply that I know what I'm doing. :p I'm just a man with a camera who takes pictures of things he feels would make a good photo.
I think of myself as an Internet gentleman, always striving to be polite, honest, and kind, but if you come in here acting like a little bitch, I will be glad to accommodate you.

I think that about sums it up. Stay devious, my friends. B-)


People I know in real life:


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Let's Swap some Notes or knock eachother silly in MK7! :dance:

People on my Wii U friend list:


↑↑↑Got a Wii U? Wanna be on this list? Give me your username and we'll be in business. I'm JK-Kino.

KIRIBAN POLICY: Every 500th pageviewer will get a free request. Show me proof of your acheivement, and I'll grant your wish.

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Watch this this and tell me it doesn't remind you of anyone!

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