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Putting this here because I can't seem to put it in the devID box. I love meeting people from different countries. Just don't count on me being able to speak your language. ^^;



Purple Haze by ErraticInk

I think you did a decent job here. I like the coloring on this and how the shading turns everything purple. That dynamic style of color...

by Neon-Nika88

Very beautiful job you did here. It's always good to see ocs like this. Fakemon are relatively new to me, and apparently the most popul...


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You can send your "thoughts and prayers," you can change your icon or profile pic, you can put the blame on an entire country or race, but if you think that's going to help those affected by tragedy, if you think that's going to save people from being gunned down like animals in a restaurant or sporting event, if you think that's going to change things for the better, you're a fool.
Beanbag Bros by JK-Kino
Beanbag Bros
Alright, here's some more UT art. Again, just something carefree with a few of my favorite characters.
Gudule by JK-Kino
Gift for HOBYMIITHETACTICIAN. This is her Splatoon OC, Gudule. I thought she looked cute, so I drew it. Kinda odd you don't see red Inklings in the actual game. Maybe so you don't confuse them with the Octolings. Yeah, that's probably it. Anyway, hope you like it, Hoby!
I decided it would be a good idea to just put all my SMM level codes in one journal so they can be found easier. I try to provide a bit of a challenge without going full Kaizo. Basically if you have two thumbs and half a brain, you'll do fine.

World K-1 12EE-0000-005A-A522
The first level I made. It branches off two ways, so you'll have more than one way to win. The higher route is supposed to be easier.

World K-2 7D4F-0000-005B-05F8
An underground level I made on the same night I made World K-1. With a little skill, you can find a way on top of the ceiling and cheese your way through most of this level.

Crazy Clouds ED7D-0000-005D-6D2B
Just a simple shmup level involving clouds. I included some extra clouds inside ? Blocks on the off chance your cloud disappears before you get to the end. I may do a sequel to this once I unlock the clown car.

Fossil Fun D6BD-0000-0062-71C5
You're underground checking out the fossilized remains of prehistoric beasts. Good for those who like to explore a little. Secrets everywhere!

10-Second Hero 6DE6 0000 0066 607D
Make your way past a short series of obstacles or puzzles and end the level before time runs out. The clock is your biggest foe here.

Aquatic Ambience 758D 0000 006A 745B
My first water level. It was inspired by the water levels from Donkey Kong Country. Not any level in particular, but patterned after it. You start out with a DK costume, and you'll find DK and Diddy costumes throughout the stage, along with plenty of other secrets!

Sky Climb 6F63 0000 0072 5E61
The bad news: This is an airship level with no autoscroll. The good news: You'll find something even better. I used warp pipes to create the illusion of vertical scrolling, plus I make use of another little-known game mechanic involving Bill Launchers. Includes a nice, non-Bowser boss battle and a secret area at the end.

10-Second Hero 2 FD08 0000 0073 ADF7
The long-awaited sequel to TSH. Like the first, the level may seem simple enough, but the clock is your true enemy.

10-Second Hero 3 14BF 0000 0076 8EB3
This one tests your jumping ability. Contains Spike Traps and Bill Launchers.

Flying With Ashley 8563 0000 00E3 3663
My own attempt at an Ashley level. Take to the "skies" to find a hidden weapon to take care of those unruly ghosts!

10-Second Hero 4 3D33 0000 008A 0246
I think I managed to recapture the magic of the first TSH. This one is a castle-themed NSMBU level where your wall jumping skills are tested. I originally had Piranha Plants there until I learned one could spin jump on them without getting hurt. So I replaced them with the smaller-but-tougher Munchers.

Won't I Panic in a Pit Now? 8ED4 0000 0092 E9C3
My first SMW level. Once I played a level by another fellow maker that was structured the same frontwards and backwards... a palindrome level. This inspired me to make one of these of my own. Even the title is palindromic!

The Floor is Made of Lava!!! CFE4 0000 0099 08A3
Just something silly I threw together while working on my next big thing. A rendition of World 1-1 where the floor is lava and you must complete the familiar level without touching the ground.

Spike Traps and Clown Cars 0B03 0000 00E3 3663
My longest level yet, and possibly my most difficult. There are spikes everywhere! But if you can make it halfway through, you'll have a Koopa Clown Car and even a Yoshi there to help you through the rest of the way. Good luck!

Sky Climb 2: The Revenge! 938A 0000 00A6 CA90
Sky Climb is the most popular of my levels. The only complaint I've had on it was it was too short. So I made a longer, and slightly more difficult, version.

No Way Out? 3511 0000 00BA 9D1A
My first attempt at creating a forced, inescapable boss battle. Bowser and his son team up on you, and if you can get past them, Kamek will be there with one more trap for you...

(NEW!) Max Length Castle D64D 0000 00D6 9013
My first level to implement the new tools that came with the recent update. I created a stage that's at the maximum length allowed. Thanks to the checkpoint, maybe it won't be so frustrating. If the level's too hard for you, there's a hidden shortcut near the beginning of the level that will take you straight to the boss. It's my proudest creation yet. Hope you like.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Welcome to my humble profile. I'm just a normal guy who draws for fun, not fame or fortune. As you can see, I draw fan art, mostly Nintendo-related, and even made up a few OCs.
I'm also dabbling in photography. I wouldn't call myself an actual photographer because that would imply that I know what I'm doing. :p I'm just a man with a camera who takes pictures of things he feels would make a good photo.
I think of myself as an Internet gentleman, always striving to be polite, honest, and kind, but if you come in here acting like a little bitch, I will be glad to accommodate you.

I think that about sums it up. Stay devious, my friends. B-)


People I know in real life:


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Let's Swap some Notes or knock eachother silly in MK7! :dance:

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